Competitor Analysis

We help you to drive traffic your website by analysis what your competitors doing to drive t traffic to their website. We analyse your competitors on your sector to get insights. We present competitor analysis as a report and in this report we suggest recommendations to improve the traffic to your site with the insight from your competitors’ analysis. In this crowded digital ecosystem, we help you to stand out from your competitors.

The keyword research and traffic analysis are key elements of this service. The keyword research and traffic analysis will save you money and time. You wont spend any money or time on writing blog that nobody wants to read. Targeting and chasing the wrong search terms is a common error but one which could easily be avoided, saving you valuable time and money. Comprehensive keyword research is a simple way to ensure you are targeting the customers who are looking for your product or service through search engines.
If you are thinking of having a new website built, or are planning to invest in SEO, make sure you aren’t chasing search terms that don’t have enough volume, don’t generate serious visitors or have competition your budget simply can’t beat.

Many businesses do not utilise this basic keyword research before starting their blog website or their ecommerce website. The keyword research and competitor analysis will provide that you base the entire success of their website on research about consumer behaviour trends and needs. Our keyword research services will help to solidify your business foundation to remove assumption and guesswork, providing you with a solid, factual foundation on which to grow your online business.
Our keyword research services will give you the insight you need before starting your venture:

Which keywords are being used by my target customers?

How much search volume is there for each long tail keywords?

What is the level of competition for these phrases?

We target long tail keywords in our keyword research and uncover profitable keywords that are overlooked by your competitors. Our keyword research will provide you the insights about pricing, about blog posts and articles. The keyword research and competitor analysis will allow you to position your small business in a much strong position against your competitor and in the very competitive online marketplace

Advanced keyword research also shows you the consumer trends. It is better to target the next best thing than something that is losing its popularity.

Advanced keyword research and competitor website analysis